Pots, Bowls and Sundries

If you are looking for strong, long lasting pots to use in your collection then BEF Pots may be just what you are after. Philip Barker has a wide range of pots available from 2″ suitable for sowing seeds, right up to 7″ for those mature plants that need a weighty pot. There are many bowls and half pots also available. Whilst mostly in the preferred terracotta choice there are a few lines available in black.


Various sizes of BEF Pots from 2 inches to 7 inches

Bowl 15cm

Bowl 6.5 GrowerHP 4.5 GrowerHP 5 LogTom 4.5

Italian Classic 20 25 30 35

Large Plastic Hanger

Pens 3 styles

Pens Pilot Stabilo

Provado (RTU)

Shallow Pan 21cm

Squat Pot 18cm