Branch Library

Manchester Branch Library

The Branch has a small, but well stocked, library from which members can borrow books for one month for a small fee. Please speak to Harry Mak, our Librarian, if you wish to borrow a book or two.

A small selection of the books we hold

Author Book Title
Borg, J Cacti- A Gardener’s Handbook for their Identification & Cultivation
Buxbaum, Franz Cacti – Culture
Haage, Walther. Cactus as Houseplants
Higgins, Vera Cacti – Growing for beginners
Lamb, Edgar & Brian Cacti – Popular Exotic
Pilbeam, John Gymnocalycium
Shewell-Cooper, W.E. A B C of Cacti
Ivimey-Cook, R.B. Cactus & Other Succulent Plants – an introduction
Mafham, Ken Preston Cacti & Succulents in Habitat
Rowley, Gordon D. Name That Succulent
Carruthers, Les & Ginns, Ron Echeverias
Jacobsen, Herman Succulent Plants – Description, Cultivation & Uses of, other than Cacti
Jeppe, Barbara Aloes – South African
Hammer, Steve New Views of the Genus – Conophytum
Huxley, Anthony Cacti & Succulents – Houseplants
Green, G. Gilbert Cacti & Succulents
Leese, Oliver Cacti & Other Succulents
Macquown, Frank Fine-flowered Cacti
Cole, Desmond Lithops – Flowering Stones
Backeberg, Curt. Cactus Lexicon
Pilbeam, John Mammillaria – A Collector’s Guide
Pilbeam, John Haworthia & Astroloba – A Collector’s Guide
Rowley, Gordon Caudiciform & Pachycaul Succulents
Wills, H. & S. Houseleeks, Sempervivum, Javibarba & Rosularia


Library History

The earliest known Branch Librarian is our Chairman, Brian Darnell. In 1970, having attended a few meetings he was asked by Mrs. Kidd if he would be willing look after the library. Having agreed, he was asked at the following meeting if he was attending the next committee meeting. Brian replied that he was not on the committee. But you are, replied Mrs. Kidd – you look after the library, don’t you?

Since then there have been two other Librarians – Tony Butterworth (1994 – 1997), and Harry Mak (1998 – to present).

Who acted as Librarian before Brian is not at present known.

Several books in the library are known to have been donated by previous members, who include Les Nyman and Harold Gaulton, amongst others.